SafeTRANS is part of a national and European innovation ecosystem, based on R&D activities in the field of embedded systems. Our scope:

Strategic R&D alignment (roadmapping)

To shape an aligned research strategy - SafeTRANS and its members plan and develop the content of a cross-domain research strategy.

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Project incubation

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The developed research strategy is implemented by funded R&D projects. Appropriate funding programmes are e.g. Horizon 2020, ECSEL JTI, and ITEA as well as national funding programmes.

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Reference technology platforms (RTP)

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SafeTRANS supports interoperable development tools for safety critical embedded systems through powerful platforms.

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SafeTRANS brings together national and European stakeholders who are active in the domain of the development of embedded systems for transportation systems. We are part of an innovation ecosystem based on European and national funding programmes.

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Technical Scope

Drivers: Embedded and CPS Applications and Platforms