Reference Technology Platform (RTP)

Technology platforms offer the unique possibility to collect the results of R & D project and to provide them customised to the users. Companies will be supported in their systems engineering by a customisable RTP The RTP integrates existing technologies or technologies under development technologies and facilitates their interoperability. Current project results will be returned to the platform, which is thus continually being further developed and adapted to the state-of-the-art. SafeTRANS brings together all relevant key stakeholders (large companies, SMEs, tool manufacturers, research institutes and universities) for the development and establishment of a European RTP.

SafeTRANS facilitates ...

  • to build up powerful platforms for the development of safety-critical embedded systems
  • to activley participate in the development and establishing process of an RTP
  • to influence the economica and commercial use of the RTP
  • to improve the sustainability of research results and to make the RTP for R & D projects available
  • the technology transfer in industrial use cases
  • to benefit of research results across different domains
  • to create a sustainable ecosystem for an RTP